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Welcome to Better Body Beauty & Wellness

Do you want awesome looking skin even though you are over 40yrs?
Want to have a more sustainable way to how much time you put into your skincare routine?

Tired of all the gimmicks that promise youth and flawless skin?
Want to keep it natural but want it to WORK!

You’ve come to the right place...

I believe what you put On your skin, IN your body and also HOW you relax..or stress out.. keeps you looking younger....even as you grow older...

I want to show YOU how to age awesomely with more energy, vitality and of course a gorgeous skin that all your girlfriends will be jealous of!

Working long hours, juggling responsibilities and being a Super-Mum or Wonder-Woman isn't going to cut it if you want to look gorgeous, look less frazzled  and have less lines and wrinkles...

So let me show you how to have more balance, mindfully - in your life, more energy than ever before and of course kick butt on those crow's feet with firmer eyes, lips and jowls.

Having a truly holistic approach offers you the chance to BE YOUR life...and to feel confident in your own skin


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Oxygen Infusion Facials

Better Body Mind & Spirit Beauty Sanctuary

COLLAGEN BOOSTING using a specialised INTRACEUTICALS OXYGEN INFUSION FACIAL to give you a natural, healthy and relaxing way to rebuild collagen. This is a great, natural alternative to injectables and fillers by using a serum with vitamins, anti-oxidants including Kakadu Plum & Hyaluronic Acid to plump up your skin. Collagen breaks down with age but gets accelerated with:- - stress - hormonal changes - gut issues - gravity! Check out the menu above for 1/2hr and 1hr facial options ********** Intraceuticals Oxygen Facials dramatically lift, instantly firm and hydrate your skin. Great for:- - increasing the skin's moisture levels for dry, dehydrated and prematurely ageing skin, - sensitive skin, - sun damage, - brown spots, - sagging skin, - fine lines, - wrinkles, - uneven skin texture, and problem prone skin conditions.

Stress & Hormones

Better Body Mind & Spirit Beauty Sanctuary

Stress, hormones and good gut health play a significant part in your skin's ability to look young and vibrant.

Join me on for my next 28 Day Program for great Autumn Skin with a holistic approach - not done by other Beauty Specialists and giving you the secret power of Vitality

Get your skin back into shape with a 28 Day Focus on holistic living with the Be Beautiful Kit:
❤ 28 day supply of highest quality, safe, pharmaceutical graded Multi's for liver support, gut health and energy
❤ Radiance Kit with
❤ Conditioning Make-Up Remover (water based for sensitive skin) - great for those with eyelash extentions
❤ Vitalising Serum for super Firming and rebuilding effect at the deeper level of the skin
❤ Hydrating Eye Essence with a gorgeous steel tip applicator to reduce dark, puffy circles and bags as well as fine lines

➕ PLUS - Beautiful Blue Make-Up Bag
➕ 2 Day delivery* (conditions apply)
➕ FaceBook Group daily support
➕ 1x Weekly LIVE (& recorded) Holistic Skin Seminar's
ONLY $267 ($529 Value)
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A great way to de-stress and learn to take time for YOU is through Yoga

Join our Yoga classes in Sandringham at our Wellness Centre - The Karma Studio

AUTUMN ENERGY  is the focus this qtr -book  - here 

Skin From the Inside, Out

Better Body Mind & Spirit Beauty Sanctuary

Did you know your skin is the last organ to get nutrition…so it needs the best food and supplementation that will give you the energy to get through your day AND have vibrant, gorgeous skin.

How to have a "zing" in your step & eat well to give your skin vibrancy

Check out the Be Healthy 28 Day Lifestyle Program here

and my FREE Facebook Be Beautiful YOU group (click here)
for lifestyle inspiration, rituals to make you and your skin happy - all while having the energy (& health) to do more of the things you love!
Learn how to beat the stress and sugar roller-coaster

Mind Food

Better Body Mind & Spirit Beauty Sanctuary

What we think about, comes about... how can you be smarter about creating the outcomes you want - including finances, your connection to self & living a more abundant life

Check out a Mindful Way of Living 

and to feel grounded to make better choices for YOU and YOUR loved ones -

YOGA classes at our Wellness Centre

After 25yrs in the Beauty Industry, I know what works and I love giving you anti-ageing tips to give your skin radiance!… so come on, let’s gets serious about being a better you…and having a better skin!

Best of all, it's not all about how much time and money you spend…but working smarter, not harder so you have time to do the things you love!

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BETTER BODY SERVICES definitely feels as if it's all about me!!
Vicky offers her personal and business advice on a comprehensive range of products. Her honest approach and her ability to both listening to and understanding my needs, is resulting in my aging gracefully. This has brought about a big change within me. The following words describe how I feel today about the products that I use, my personal journey, Vicky and life......

Focus, Balance, Radiance, Spring In My Step, Stress Management, Holistic Spirituality, Self Management, Friendship, Humour.
Glenys Thompson