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A Holistic Way for Better Skin Inside and Out ...

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Welcome to Better Body Beauty & Wellness

Are you looking for a way to have:-
- better energy
- happier hormones
- improved gut health
- non-toxic solutions to glowing, radiant skin
- less lines & sagging of your skin?

After 25yrs+ in the Beauty & Wellness Industry - I'd love to share my secrets...

Have you ever noticed that what you eat, how stressed out you feel, how mixed up your hormones make you feel and how you sleep... make a difference to how you see your lines?

And how the lines and skin sagging seems to speed up after a certain age?

What if you could "have it all" through the simplicity of looking & feeling good from the inside - as well as the outside...through simple wellness practices and good skincare rituals you will LOVE

I use a holistic picture of your lifestyle, skincare & nutrition that really helps you FEEL amazing too

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Oxygen Infusion Facials

Better Body Mind & Spirit Beauty Sanctuary

OXYGEN INFUSION FACIALS are a natural way to boost your OWN Collagen used as an alternative to Botox and Fillers. **Using a specialised serum of Vitamins, Anti-Oxidants & Hyaluronic Acid to rebuild sagging skin - to give you a natural, healthy and relaxing way to rebuild collagen. THIS IS FIRMING & great for dehydrated skin with lines *Super popular Hollywood Facial for Red Carpet Celebrities * Keeps a Wellness perspective in mind


Better Body Mind & Spirit Beauty Sanctuary

Stress, hormones and good gut health play a significant part in your skin's ability to look young and vibrant.

A holistic approach is critical to long-term fabulous skin...

Join me on for my next 28 Day Program for a holistic approach to healthy, glowing skin

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(not done by other Beauty Specialists and giving you the secret power of Vitality)

Get your skin back into shape with a 28 Day Focus on holistic living with the Be Beautiful Kit:
❤ 28 day supply of highest quality, Multi's for:
- liver support,
- gut health
- extra energy

❤ Radiance SkinCare Kit with
❤ Conditioning Make-Up Remover
❤ Vitalising Firming Serum
❤ Hydrating Eye Essence

➕ PLUS - Beautiful Blue Hold -All Make-Up Bag

➕ FaceBook Group daily support

➕ 1x Weekly LIVE (& recorded) Holistic Skin Seminar's

ONLY AU$267 (AU$529 Value)
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Beach Bum Lifestyle Program
- a holisitc look at loving your body from the inside one step at a time - no matter where you are on your wellness journey

and creating rituals to love your skin AND body again
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Nutrition for Skin

Better Body Mind & Spirit Beauty Sanctuary

Did you know your skin is the last organ to get nutrition…so it needs the best food and supplementation that will give you the energy to get through your day AND have vibrant, gorgeous skin.

How to have a "zing" in your step & eat well to give your skin vibrancy & glow - no matter what your age

Vitamins and Anti-Oxidants are critical to our skin's ability to rebuild collagen and keep your skin FIRM...

Getting the best supplements to bridge the gap between eating good and getting "nutrition" is a whole different game.

Anti-Ageing must address nutrition at the Collagen level of the skin...only available through high quality, bio-available, non-toxic supplements

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for lifestyle inspiration, rituals to make you and your skin happy - all while having the energy (& health) to do more of the things you love!
Learn how to beat the stress and sugar roller-coaster

Treatment Menu

Better Body Mind & Spirit Beauty Sanctuary

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Specialising in Oxygen Infusion Facials
- Collagen Boosting
- Acne
- Firming Skin
- Dry, Dehydrated Skin
- Maintaining Healthy Skin Glow

Check out a Mindful Way of Living 

One of the best wellness and skincare centres in Melbourne

Stress plays a big part in breaking down your Collagen, making your skin lose it's firmness...

Sleep also plays a major part in re-building and repairing processes that have sped up the break-down of Collagen

Breathing techniques help "trick" the Nervous System into thinking you are realxed - allowing your skin to "heal" and repair faster than normal

Ancient remedies such as pressure point massage also help the Nervous System to recharge - allowing healing and de-stressing.
These techniques are included in all facial treatments

Try YOGA as well as my Chakra Balancing Massage to rejuvenate, re-energize & relax tight muscles.

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YOGA classes at our Wellness Centre

Stop looking for the magic lotion, potion and start using products that are proven to work in a way that gives you less stress, you love doing and gets results - so you have time to do the things you love!

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BETTER BODY BEAUTY definitely feels as if it's all about me!! Vicky offers her personal and business advice on a comprehensive range of products.
Her honest approach and her ability to both listening to and understanding my needs, is resulting in my aging gracefully.
This has brought about a big change within me. The following words describe how I feel today about the products that I use, my personal journey, Vicky and life......

Focus, Balance, Radiance, Spring In My Step, Stress Management, Holistic Spirituality, Self Management, Friendship, Humour.
Cheers, Glenys Thompson, NZ

"I have been a client of the wonderful Vicky for 25years!. I am not a "girlie girl" who has a "face regime" & Vicky never judges me, which I appreciate. Over the years my skin has changed, it has got dryer & a bit cracked on my chin. With Vicky's help & the right night cream my skin felt considerable better.
Recently, I went away for a week's holiday without my "Celavive" & had to rely on my old faithful moisturiser once more. No surprises - my skin shrivelled back up again!
On returning home & back on my "Celavive" within 3 days my skin had healed & felt fab again.
This no-nonsense girl had turned from a skeptic to a believer!
Karen, Auckland, NZ