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Natural SkinCare Tips

Better Body Mind & Spirit Beauty Sanctuary

Welcome Special....

First time client OFFER - AUGUST 2018

Winter Booster Skin Series

3 x Oxygen Insusion Facials to super hydrate wind whipped skin and restore moisture after heating has stripped it dry...

PLUS a take-home travel essential pack of 3 KEY produtcs for hydration and firming
- Daily Firming Serum
- Hydratign Gel
- Moisture Binding & Protecting cream
(valued at $149) - FREE

(valued at $599)

*for best results -Facials must be taken within 8 week period

Bookings are In-Salon ONLY

Bookings can be made ONLINE  (above)
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Stress & How Not to

Better Body Mind & Spirit Beauty Sanctuary

Stress comes in all shapes and forms - so it is getting to know how YOU handle stress - what fires you up, whether hormones are involved or too many late nights or just not eating well.

Get back to basics and get clear about what de-stresses you too -
like an Aromatherapy bath
or a luxury facial or massage
or just curling up on the couch with a great novel

If you are looking for a bit of pampering (with actual results for your skin too) then book here for an appointment time...

and indulge in some ME time :-)


Energy & Skin Food tips

Better Body Mind & Spirit Beauty Sanctuary

How to have a "zing" in your step & eat well to give your skin vibrancy.

Join us to be part of a support group of like minded wellness enthusiasts who want to feel fantastic by tweeking their already "good" routine by either attending one of my Natural Anti-Ageing Workshops or on a Be Beautiful Program

- a Holistic way to look after your skin FOR LIFE that you will LOVE! 

click here for more information - Be Beautiful YOU by Vicky at Better Body

Enjoy the new you! You are so worth it!

ENQUIRE on the CONTACT PAGE for more information


Mind Food

Better Body Mind & Spirit Beauty Sanctuary

What we think about, comes about... how to be smarter about creating the outcomes we want - for our skin & our lives - go to Work With Me to leverage your time and your money and be smart with your goals

I also love growing and learning as much as I can - changing the things I'm not so happy about...

to be the best I can be AND help you be the best YOU can be
by sharing all my little gems of wisdom through my journey to NOW

For practical mindfulness and movement - find what you LOVE
- For my favourite yoga place - check out The Karma Studio and book here for a truly holistic approach to mindfulness